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GVA is an award-winning architectural and interior design firm celebrating its 60th year in business.  Our work primarily covers Financial, Corporate, Educational, Commercial, Recreational, Religious and Residential projects in the mid-Atlantic region.

Our design portfolio reflects an individual and creative response to each set of design circumstances while encouraging a collaborative process with our clients.  We design projects that are as much about the budget and program as they are about responding to their specific site and context. 


We are a service-oriented firm that benefits from the significant involvement of its two principals, Christopher Lester and Stuart Rehr, who bring a combined 70 years of creativity energy and experience in the fields of architecture and interior design. 


GVA has designed over 30 LEED certified projects and maintains a commitment to sustainable design and respect for our limited natural resources.






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Christopher R. Lester, AIA, LEED AP   clester@gvaarchitects.com


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Stuart L Rehr, PA, LEED AP    srehr@gvaarchitects.com


​George Vaeth Associates, Inc. (GVA Architects)

5501 Twin Knolls Road, Ste. 108, Columbia, Maryland 21045

Tel: 410.997.1000

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